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The mortgage repayment method, help’s a client know how they intend repaying the loan.

The Mortgage product or Scheme, help’s a client to understand the various mortgage products banks and Building societies have to offer.
At regency Partnership it is our job to explain to each client the pro’s and con’s of Mortgages and to offer truly independent advice. Through our sourcing software and in-depth knowledge of mortgage companies and their underwriting criteria we aim to recommend the right mortgage for you.

Insurance. As professional advisers we pride ourselves in advising and guiding our clients through the various options available to protect those involved in the mortgage. If clients want further information or personalised quotations we are happy to assist. So if our clients are happy with the service we provide they may buy from us, they are not sold to.

Our mortgage calculator is helpful once we have been able to discuss with our clients their needs and preferences and give them a rough interest rate so the client can easily work out if they borrowed slightly more or less or changed the term by making it longer or shorted how that would impact on the monthly cost.

The Jargon buster should help understanding some of the mortgage terminology.

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